Awakened Self-Love Spotlight: Julia Bluhm

by | Sep 12, 2017 | self-love

The Awakened Self-Love Feature is dedicated to celebrating the journey of self-love through personal & empowering stories of women.  These women are committed to loving themselves & are real about their self-love journey.  This weekly series is devoted to inspiring you to live from a place of love instead fear through women who authentically share their truth.

Welcome Julia!

Julia Bluhm is a writer, blogger, amateur photographer, and body image activist. She’s still very much “in bluhm” but she’s figuring it out as she goes, laptop in hand.

Let’s dive in and see how Julia is committed to loving herself & living from a place of love instead of fear:

What does it mean to truly love yourself?

I think truly loving yourself means treating yourself with care and compassion no matter where you are in your life: no matter if you’re alone or not, if you’ve gained or lost weight or not, if your appearance has changed or not, if you’re making lots of money or are considered successful or not. Loving yourself truly means loving yourself with no conditions.

What does awakened self-love look & feel like?

Awakened self love feels like taking time to do the things that make you feel cozy, safe, and cared for. I think it means, in a lot of ways, treating yourself like you would treat a child. It means paying attention to what your body needs, and what you want (not only in the short term, but what you know would be rewarding and valuable in the long term).

How have you moved to a place of love instead of fear in your own life?

I don’t think I’ve completely moved to a place of self love and completely out of fear, because I think that’s impossible. But I think I am starting to move away from a place of self hatred and towards a place of self acceptance. I think completely loving yourself is kind of a big and impossible feat because we all have things we don’t like about our selves. But even if you don’t love yourself yet, you can accept the things that you don’t love. You can just leave them there, and let them be. That’s what I’ve been trying to do, especially when it comes to my body and the feelings of not having my life together.

Describe your journey to self-love. 

My journey to self love is still ongoing, for sure. But I think I’m beginning to be more “chill” in a way, when it comes to my expectations for myself. I used to have such particular expectations and conditions for liking myself: I must eat super healthily, exercise plenty, be clean and tidy, organized, never mess up or let loose or be spontaneous. And now that I’m older I’ve realized that being so self restrictive isn’t really fun for me. I’m naturally more of an artsy, spontaneous, somewhat disorganized personality. In many ways, I thrive being that way. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized this and I’m more relaxed and accepting of just being who I am.

What rules/conditions can you release for even greater self-love?

I think any conditions that cause you more stress than reward need to go. Because all conditions for self love are arbitrary and formed by society, anyways. You don’t have to be skinny or 110% healthy or a 110% hustler in order to be happy. That’s just not true. If you’re trying to do those things and it’s making you miserable, stop trying. Self love is about loving yourself, so don’t make any conditions for yourself that make you feel guilty and bad because they’re too hard for you too achieve. That just defeats the purpose. There’s a difference between a challenge and just a plain unrealistic expectation.

What is your favorite self-love practice right now?

My favorite self love practice right now is just letting myself waste time with my friends. I’m currently in my second year of college, and I live in an apartment with all of my best friends. We have such a fun time. Every minute we spend together is fun, and I’ve grown so close to them. I let myself procrastinate, and I let myself be spontaneous with them because it makes me happy. I love spending time with my friends. Sometimes the next blog post, or responding to emails, or studying can wait.

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