How to stop a fat and ugly attack

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Let’s have some truth talk….

Have you ever felt like one moment you are going on completely fine with yourself & your appearance then the next, you suddenly feel like you instantly just gained 10 lbs?  Like out of nowhere are some giant human woman thundering around when only a second before everything felt normal?

I call this a fat attack.

Fat attacks happen when one moment you feel normal and fine & the next you feel utterly huge, un-pretty, and hopeless.

This can happen anytime, anywhere.  And it always SUCKS.  Am I right?!

Usually when I notice this happening, I have something bigger going on in my life that is bothering me.

//My boyfriend and I had a disagreement that keeps lingering.

//My sister moved to a new state and I won’t see her for several months.

//My best friend decides not to move back to Minnesota (my home state).

My immediate and intense dislike for my body correlates with something upsetting happening to me in my life.  And disliking my body (by feeling fat, unpretty, or not good enough) becomes an easy way to distract myself.

By feeling uncomfortable or “fat”, I can focus on that as a distraction from real life.

//If I focus on the size of my thighs, I don’t have to think about how upset I am over what my boyfriend told me.

//If I focus on what I don’t like about my reflection in the mirror I don’t have to think about how hard it is to not see my sister every day.

My body becomes a *problem* that I can try to fix without having to think about the real emotional issues going on in my life.

Like pain, sadness, loneliness, and uncertainty.

So what can you do?  Here are 4 strategies for combating fat attacks.

1. Start by thinking about what is really going on.  If you weren’t thinking about your body (or food) right now, what would you be thinking?

Would you be thinking about an argument you had with someone?   Get really curious about what you actually are going through and name it.

2. Take a second and remember that you are worth more than you weight, your appearance, or your size. 

You are a beautiful human being going through life the best you can and weight is not something that defines you.  Bad body days are just a reminder that something in your life needs attention.

3. Be kind

When you notice a fat attack coming on, slow down and start to talk to yourself like you would a best friend. Tell yourself that everything is okay, that you are beautiful, and that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Affirm that you are a strong, capable, and gorgeous human being who can make it through.  Because it is true.

4. Accept your body through action. 

The only way to quickly move out of body hate or a fat attack is through action.  It is believing, practicing, and acting that you are good enough exactly as you already are.  So experience what it feels like to love your body!

Put your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug.  Tell yourself that you are loved.  Give your body a massage.  Treat yourself with kindness and show yourself some love by doing whatever it is you are craving in the moment.


It is my mission to empower, inspire, and guide you to your best so you feel free, confident, and completely alive.



Know that fat attacks and intense feelings go away.

They will not last forever.  And I know it may be hard to believe in the moment, they will not destroy you.

By choosing to get curious about what you are actually going through in the moment and having the courage and kindness to make it through, you are showing yourself how amazingly awesome you are & how you are completely worth taking care of in a way that feels good.

You don’t have to hate your body to make it through tough times.  Just like you don’t have to go on a diet to fix yourself the moment you start feeling stressed or anxious in your life.

There is another way.  And you can find it by being curious and kind every step of the way.


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