Beautiful You Coaching Academy review: How to be a confident and successful life coach

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To celebrate my recent Beautiful You coaching certification, I wanted to share my experience with the Beautiful You coaching academy and my journey through the program.

How I found Beautiful You:

After graduating college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I just knew that I wanted to help other people live to their fullest potential but wasn’t sure in what capacity and how that would look like for me.  I learned about life coaching in college and followed several life coaches on social media but was always too scared to make the jump and enroll in a course. 

 I was fearful of beginning something so out of the ordinary (I lived in a small, Midwestern town….what is life coaching?) and didn’t feel good enough to start pursuing my dreams so I put it on the backburner for about a year.  (You can read my story here).  Eventually, enough was enough and I decided to sign up.  I only told one soul that I had spent nearly half my savings on a course to pursue my dream of life coaching but I knew it was the right decision for me.  I absolutely knew, deep down, that I was meant to be a life coach.  No doubt about it. And that was just the start of me quitting the need to ask for permission. (yay!)

Relationships made:       

Throughout the course, I made so many connections, friends, and support people than I could ever have asked for.  Everyone in the course was encouraging, supportive, and willing to be there for each other in order to learn as much as we possibly could.  This was the biggest surprise for me.  Being a “I can do it all myself & I don’t need anybody’s help” type of person, I was amazed at how beneficial and truly inspirational the connections I made in the course were.  Many of the people I graduated with I still am in contact with and they live all around the world.

Why I chose Beautiful You:

I loved the heart centered approach the course provided.  I saw the coaches that had graduated through them doing amazing things, having successful business, but most importantly, they were being true to themselves.  I loved that.  I didn’t want to be anything or anyone that I wasn’t, and this course really promotes that, which I loved.

The academy also gives you everything you need to start a successful business.  The insights I gained and the practicality of the modules on business building, were very useful and practical.  Everything was laid out and discussed in ways that gave you the confidence to actually start.  And I think that is the biggest piece.  You can learn all you want, continue gaining knowledge and insights, but if you don’t have the confidence to actually put it to use, it is quite useless.  The academy gave me the confidence and encouragement to actually start, which was priceless for me.


What I gained from joining:

1. Friends & mentors from all over the world. 

Having the support from my peers going through this course as well as my own Beautiful You certified coach was truly invaluable.  But the greatest connection I made was with my coaching buddy.  Not only did we go through the course together & help each other grow, but she also gave me the inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to keep pursuing my dreams and build the business I was desiring.  Priceless.


It is my mission to empower, inspire, and guide you to your best so you feel free, confident, and completely alive.



2. Confidence. 

This is one of the biggest pieces things I got out of the course.  Before starting, I was unsure of myself, lacking in confidence, and afraid of showing the world who I was.  After the course, I am a way more confident person.  So much so, that I have been able to launch a new business and be successful.  Again, priceless.

3. Personal transformation. 

Amidst gaining new found confidence, I also went through a personal transformation, one that others have noticed and even commented on.  I am more alive, happy, vibrant, and empowered than ever before and I don’t say that lightly.  Working towards your dreams and having the support to do so causes powerful shifts.  I know first-hand and can state with absolute certainty that this course was a huge part in the transformation I underwent.  This alone is worth the investment.

4. Tools and extensive training to become a powerful and successful life coach.

With the incredible knowledge from the trainers, in combination with my own BYCA coach and my peers in the academy, I learned everything I needed to be a successful life coach.  I am confident, empowered, and ready to take on the world.   

Wondering about joining?

I recommend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to everyone who comes to me interested in becoming a life coach.  Why? Because I believe in it that whole-heartedly.  I have seen my own personal transformation into a confident & successful coach and I am confident it will do the same for you.  It is that powerful.

If you sign up through my link here, I will also be supporting you all along the way.  You will receive (total value of $900):

3 month coaching package (6, 1 hour sessions) to use as a requirement for your certification *

email support from me throughout the 3 month series

My signature e-book “How to feel beautiful, confident, and worthy when you feel anything but”

My “Live Brilliantly Journaling Guide” to gain insights and confidence come to alive

*To become a certified Beautiful You life coach, you need to work with a certified Beautiful You coach (which I am).  Signing up through my affiliate link means you will fulfil that requirement for free (yay) instead of paying out of pocket later.  Normally this would cost you $900 but when you sign up through my link, it is free.  It really is a no-brainer.

If you have questions about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy or about becoming a life coach, sign up for a free 30 minute complimentary consult and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions, tell you more about my time at the academy, and what the academy has done for me.

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